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“Sexual Harassment at my job changed my life. I will never be completely over it. But, Gerstman-Schwartz and their team did their best to make me feel comfortable while taking the fight to my former boss. We recovered a good deal of money and this helps in knowing that my employer didn't just get off free.”

- J.D.E.

“Thank you to Gerstman Schwartz for negotiating my employment separation agreement in such a professional way. I can't thank you enough!”

- Dr. Jeff

“Thank you so much for standing up to my employer at a time when I couldn't do it myself. Your support and professionalism is so greatly appreciated.”

- R.L.

“I was scared to fight my employer. I knew it would be an uphill battle, and I wasn’t sure I could win against an organization with their resources. But Gerstman Schwartz gave me courage, confidence and they delivered on every promise.”

- Ashley, a recent client and victim of sexual harassment

“Mr. Gerstman helped me double my severance pay and extend my health insurance. I cannot thank him and Gerstman Schwartz enough.”

- Lenny B.